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Against the Stars: A Daphne Greengrass Fanmix

Against the Stars is a mix for everyone's favorite completely unknown Slytherin, Daphne Greengrass. All that we know about her is that she's in Slytherin, she's pureblood and she's a girl. I started playing her in an RPG a while back, and ever since then she's been a constant presence in my head. Daphne, to me, is a complex character - immoral and opportunistic, yet collected and refined. At the same time, she is quite flawed and troubled, and kind of a ticking bomb. All of this makes her a fascinating sort of girl.

Also, this is basically the quintescential Slytherin mix.

01. Bush - "Mouth"
all your mental armor drags me down
we can't breathe when you come around
all your mental armor drags me down
nothing hurts like your mouth

Her mouth can tell carefully constructed lies and painful truths as the situation requires. Slytherins should know how to control any situation they're in, and Daphne has mastered this skill rather well. On the defensive or on the offensive, and her armor is always up - she will never show her true objective in the game.

02. The Hush Sound - "Wine Red"
this chaos, this calamity
this garden once was perfect
give your immortality to me
i'll set you up against the stars

The overall theme of Eden and the fall of Adam and Eve is incredibly fitting - as long as Daphne can be the snake. Although it is 'the death of beauty', it is also 'the time and place to be alive', and Daphne, as any Slytherin worth their salt, knows how to revel in destruction and use her surroundings to her best interests.

03. Within Temptation - "A Dangerous Mind"
i fear that soon you'll reveal
your dangerous mind
it's in your eyes, what's on your mind
i fear your smile and the promise inside

While Daphne would never be so careless as to give away her objectives, I think the overall theme of the song is fitting. A dangerous mind? Why yes indeed.

04. Morningwood - "Morals Of Convenience"
everything i seem to finish
is the best i've ever had
i'm a creature of habit
but all of them are bad

Who says the Slytherins don't have morals? Of course they do, whenever the occasion requires them. Daphne has been taught from childhood to wear a mask for every occasion, and to never be afraid to cross lines. There are exceptions to every rule, after all, and why shouldn't she be one of them?

05. Letters To Cleo - "Dangerous Type"
they wanna crack your crossword smile
can i take you out for a while?
she's a lot like you
the dangerous type

Lots of 'dangerous' here. Of course the Slytherins are dangerous - don't ever make an enemy of one. Daphne's father, whom she idolized, was a wizarding PI, and very good at what he did. Daddy's girl learned a lot about life and the like from watching the senior Greengrass work.

06. Poe - "Angry Johnny"
i can do it to your mind
i can do it to your face
i can do it with integrity
i can do it with disgrace
but either way, you know where it stands
i wanna kill you, i wanna blow you away

She knows a life should never be wasted, but if a death is necessary - well, she's not above getting her hands dirty. Or getting someone else to do it for her. After inheriting the business from her father, she's made a lot of connections in places low as well as high. The walls have ears, and Daphne's the one listening.

07. Garbage - "When I Grow Up"
when i grow up, i'll be stable
when i grow up, i'll turn the tables

Her father's death was hard on Daphne, and it broke something in her. She placed her father on a pedestal, and when he fell, she lost something, a sense of trust and fairness in the world. She may look and act perfectly composed, but she's not quite right, even if she doesn't know it. The girl is a live wire.

08. Garbage - "The World Is Not Enough"
people like us know how to survive
there's no point in living if you can't feel alive
we know when to kiss and we know when to kill
if we can't have it all, then nobody will

Slytherins are the ones to take the world apart, after all, and Daphne will be there, working secretly and delicately to put it back together exactly the way she wants it.

If anyone were to upload a zip for me, that would be fantastic! ZIP RIGHT HERE, provided by the lovely cynnabug.

[Daphne Greengrass is portrayed by Emilie de Ravin, who is my perfect Daphne - blonde, delicate and completely (and misleadingly) harmless-looking. How appearances can be decieving.]
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