tonight make me unstoppable. (seaforanswers) wrote in wordslikewinter,
tonight make me unstoppable.

Cry Little Sister: A Spike/Dawn Fanmix


1. Star No Star - Jack Off Jill
I see your face on the street
Burnt hands but features so clear
When I'm the girl that you want
I will be waiting right here

2. Dangerous (Sensual Mix) - Depeche Mode
Dangerous, the way you leave me wanting more
Dangerous, that's what I want you for
Dangerous, when I am in your arms
Dangerous, know I won't come to harm

3. Dawn - Bif Naked
Damn! She's dawning on me
Finally dawning on me
She's dawning on me, she's beautiful

4. Take What's Mine - Baumer
Instantly you struck me as quite a catch
Luckily I left you without a scratch
You seem capable of mind control and
You've disabled my very soul

5. Burn (Alleged Remix) - Alkaline Trio
Intending to burn, pretending to fight it
Everyone learns faster on fire
Things took a turn, lost all desire
You live and you burn

6. Body - Servant
You've got to take your mind off him
But not with aspirin
You won't, you won't let your family in

7. Fire & Ice - Rasputina
Movin' in for the kill tonight
You got every advantage when they put out the lights
It's not so pretty when it fades away
Cause it's just an illusion in this passion play

8. Aquarius - Within Temptation
They say I'm seeking out the danger
That one day you won't let me go
I'll drown, you'll take me down

9. The Chemicals Between Us - Bush
I want you to remember
A love so full it could send us always
I want you to surrender

10. Magdalena - A Perfect Circle
One chance
One kiss
One taste of you my magdalena

11. Angel - Massive Attack
Her eyes
She's on the dark side
Every man in sight

12. The Dead of Night - Depeche Mode
With our decadent minds
And our innocent lines
You'll be playing our games
With your bodies in flames

13. Pretty - Kidney Thieves
I wonder when pretty's gonna bleed
My monster has all the time he needs

14. Sundown - Veruca Salt
You're the dream, I'm the dreamer
In the dream, you're still around

15. In Your Room (Portishead Remix) - Depeche Mode
Will you let the morning come soon
Or will you leave me lying here
In your favourite darkness

16. Cry Little Sister - Blutengel
Cry little sister (thou shall not fall)
Come come to your brother (thou shall not fall)
Unchain me sister (thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (thou shall not kill)
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