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That Little Bomb: A Dawn Summers Mix

Remember the 5th season of Buffy, where they introduced the annoying little sister that nobody liked? She whined and she got into trouble and she was generally kind of useless. But she got sort of cool in the 7th season, and really grew on me overall. I loved that it was Dawn who spoke the last words of the show, and I always felt like she had a lot more potential than was explored on the series. In the end, we see her as being good with languages and a decent fighter. So if we gave her a little more credit, what could she do?

However much I love older, darker, stronger Dawn (and play one quite frequently to explore that potential that was hardly tapped on the show), however, this is a mix for canon!Dawn, that insecure, confused teenager. A lot of 90's music, maybe some stuff that Dawn would've listened to herself. Some songs covering her relationship with the rest of the Scoobies. And a few for the woman that she would surely become.

01.Our Lady Peace - "Annie"
you're a little bit shy
a little too quiet
you're the mixed up girl that everybody leaves behind
a little bit weird
a little too bright
but you just might be that little bomb at their side

To the Scoobies, she's just everyone's little sister, but she can be so much more.

02.Suzanne Vega - "Blood Makes Noise"
i think that you might want to know the details and the facts
but there's something in my blood denies the memory of the acts
but blood makes noise, it's a ringing in my ear
blood makes noise, and i can't really hear you in the thickening of fear

Her blood is dangerous. A song as much about being the Slayer's sister as about being the Key.

03.Liz Phair - "Extraordinary"
see me jump through hoops for you
you stand there watching me performing
what exactly do you do?
have you ever thought it's you that's boring?
who the hell are you?

The key word is in the title, of course. A song about Dawn proving herself to everyone - the people at school, her sister's friends - and realizing that maybe she doesn't have to.

04.Amy Studt - "Just A Little Girl"
'cause i'm just a little girl, you see
but there's a hell of a lot more to me
don't ever underestimate what i can do
don't ever tell me how i'm meant to be

Not just a little girl for long.

05.Michelle Branch - "All You Wanted"
i didn't know that it was so cold
and you needed someone to show you the way
so i took your hand and we figured out that
when the tide comes, i'd take you away

Buffy's not always the teacher, and Dawn's not always the student. Sometimes, the Slayer just needs a sister.

06.Jewel - "Hands"
we will fight, not out of spite
for someone must always stand up for what's right
my hands are small, i know
but they're not yours, they are my own
and i am never broken

If you ignore the religious overtones, this is a song about being stronger than expected and fighting no matter what - which is what Dawn does.

07.Tori Amos - "Amber Waves"
you say, there's not a lot of me left anymore
just leave it alone
but if you're by and you have the time
tell the northern lights to keep shining

Growing up.

08.Belle and Sebastian - "You're Just A Baby"
you're just a baby, baby girl
so kiss me on the cheek before you go off to school
there must be a reason for all the looks we gave
and all the things we've never said before

Another song about growing up, and somewhat about the relationship between Spike and Dawn. What it was, what it wasn't and what it might have been. I couldn't let it go by without slipping a hint of my OTP in there.

09.TV on the Radio - "Dirtywhirl"
dirty little whirlwind
defender, destroyer, i found you
dirty little whirlwind
tangled up in the flesh of a girl

More than meets the eye - the Key.

10.Eve 6 - "Girl Eyes"
it's good to be bad if it's better than bored
foresight is so often blind
girl eyes tend to hypnotize

Another song about growing up, and the romantic potential we saw in "Him".

11.Superchick - "One Girl Revolution"
and i'll be everything that i wanna be
i am confidence in insecurity
i am a voice yet waiting to be heard
i'll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear 'round the world

Something that Dawn, as a teenager, might've listened to in the 90's during the 'girl power' craze.

12.Sneaker Pimps - "Post Modern Sleaze"
she takes everything they steal
she fakes every pain they feel
she must be a thelma or louise
she must be a post modern tease

Dawn's tried very hard to fit in. And the line about being a 'typical 90's child' struck a chord.

13.No Doubt - "Sixteen"
now you're finally sixteen
and you're feelin' old
but they won't believe
that you've got a soul

Trying to fit in more with the Scoobies as she grows up. And, being the Key, does Dawn actually have a soul?

14.Natalie Imbruglia - "Smoke"
where are you, dad?
mom's looking sad
what's up with that?
it's dark in here
why, bleeding is breathing

An absentee father and her mother lost at fifteen. Also, another song that follows with the apparent theme of blood that we've got going here.

15.Joydrop - "Sometimes Wanna Die"
nobody's on my side
nobody seems to see
how much, how far, how deep these things can be

Hello, teenage angst.

16.Sneaker Pimps - "Tesko Sucide"
cut your hair, wear a chip on your shoulder
go ahead, get laid, get it over
cheap show, back seat martyr's pose, you're over and out
i'm checking out of my senses, buying best defenses
putting on the trousers, hang up, hang up, hang up

Another 'girl power' song about reclaiming yourself. I think Dawn would've liked this.

ANYONE UP FOR MAKING A ZIP? ZIP FILE (uploaded by the lovely mei_yue).
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